DiBell group is an ERP Project partner offering expert-level consultants that provide hands-on assistance with ERP implementations, customizations, configurations, upgrades, and migrations. 

We specialize in PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, and Costpoint, as well as Cognos, but can also help with many other ERPs, MRPs, CTRMs, ERHs, CRMs, etc.

DiBell's consulting teams consist of experienced Program Mangers, Project Managers, Functional & Configuration experts, Developers, Data Migration specialists, Cutover Specialists, Change Management Specialists, and Trainers.  as well as project-based staff-augmentation on a T&M basis.

Each expert on or team of Consultants has a minimum of 10 years and an average of 20 years of ERP-specific experience, so you can trust we know the system.  From our Program Managers to our Functional Specialists to our developers... DiBell knows ERP Projects. 


We take pride in bringing precisely the right expertise and know-how to our clients. We don't follow the rule of the big implementation partners that provide you with one Senior Consultant and several junior consultants that are still learning the system for a hefty rate - we don't really think that's fair.  For projects this impactful and of this magnitude, don't you deserve to have qualified specialists?  We think so!  

At DiBell, our model is budget friendly and offers hands-on expertise.  Not just theories and road maps, but the right people with sound expertise in similar projects to stand with you and make sure you can deliver the project on-time and on-budget with minimal business impact/interruption.