What our Consultants are saying:

  • “DiBell takes time to really understand my skills and the value I bring to the table”. 

  • “I’ve never had a anyone take so much time to understand my expertise.  This really sets us all up to succeed”

  • “DiBell was very honest and forthcoming with all information.  I never got the feeling they were holding back anything.”

  • “I appreciate that DiBell pays their independent consultants very quickly, I usually have to wait a month!”

Responsibilities to our Candidates:

  • Respect - their time AND experience

  • Understand - their desired positions, skills, and situation

  • Communicate - honest but kind feedback on their resumes and interviews

  • Assist – any way we can from help with resumes to finding temporary housing to ranking jobs

  • Appreciate – they are the ones in the field that keep us in business